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On Monday 11/21 the Women's Tournament for the Manipur Trophy ended at the Alfredo Lalor de Pilar Headquarters.

The Gold Cup went to  Las Monjitas , which defeated  Jockey Club 7-3 in the final . Meanwhile, the Silver Cup went to  Martindale , which narrowly beat  La Ilusión  8-7.

The final teams:


Las Monjitas:  Dominique Laulhé 0, Andrea Quinteros 3, Alicia Velema 3 and Bianca Pagano 3. Total: 9.

Jockey Club:  Alicia Borthaburu 1, Juana Borthaburu 2, Juana Deramo 3 and Felicitas Páez Allende 3. Total: 9.


Martindale:  Verónica Posse 1, Verónica Guerrero 4, Alejandra Rohm 1 and Clelia Crespo 4 (Received a yellow card in the fifth chukker). Overall: 10.


The Illusion:  Micaela Saracco 3, Sierra Dunbar 3, Felicitas Fernández 2 and Mora Erdozia 0. Total: 8.