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Inside Polo 31 - POLOS TWO TITANS


With Ron Allen


Who is #1 NOW?


In basketball it’s young LeBron James vs. veteran Michel Jordan.

In polo it’s young Facundo Pieres vs. veteran Adolfo Cambiaso.


Adolfo about to be challenged by Facundo

They are the poster boys of polo, two Argentine phenoms with movie star good looks and the best polo skills in the world.


With Facundo’s recent victory in the Queens Cup in England he has taken over the top spot as the points leader in the ranks among the best players in the game. He has taken the crown away from a man who has been called the “greatest player of all time” for many years.


Their success goes well beyond the worldwide trophy collection they have amassed during their careers. At 38 years old Adolfo reached the pinnacle of polo, ten goals, at age 17. For Facundo, now 27 years old, that accomplishment came at age 19.


Adolfo’s astonishing achievements are almost mind boggling, even for the most avid polo fan. He won twenty-four tournaments between 1990 and 1994. Then won thirty-one tournaments from 1995 to 1999. More importantly for Adolfo he won three consecutive Argentine Opens in 2005, 2006 and 2007. Ironically, he also won the Triple Crown in 1994 with the Pieres based Ellerstina team.


Adolfo in the U.S. Open

The recent success of the younger Facundo has suddenly thrust him into the spotlight when the conversation turns to just who is the worlds best. His Ellerstina team beat Adolfo’s team in the Argentine Open last December. Then four months later Facu won the U.S. Open title against Cambiaso. Now the prestigious Queens Cup belongs to Pieres after winning against Adolfo’s team for the third time in six months.


Facu winning the U.S. Open

The easy going Facundo doesn’t attach much importance to who is the best and he admires Adolfo as someone who has accomplished so many things in polo that are unequaled.


The new number one in the rankings: Facundo Pieres

Still all time number one: Adolfo Cambiaso

Let the debate begin….