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Copa Careyes - Polo - December 2011

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  • Uploaded by Here is some information from our latest tournament here in Caryes Mexico - thank you very much and Happy New Year - Susan Stovall - director of Polo at Costa Careyes Polo Club
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Copa de Careyes Ends Mexican Polo Year


Photos by Beatrice

Players from Peru, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, USA and Mexico participated in a 4- team event to finish the year 2011 in tournament play at the beautiful fields of the Costa Careyes Polo Club. The club is located three hours south of Puerto Vallarta and a 5 minute horseback ride from the Pacific Ocean.

Guillermo Li playing on the Agua Alta/Samurai  with Dan Yoshii Jim Giebeler and Alberico Ardissone and Vale Aguilar, Team Casa ombras with Bolko and Conrad Kissling and Juan Carlos Borballa – both 5 goal polo players ended up in the finals with their teams.  Hard fought and very low scoring – The Agua Alta/Samurai team prevailed by ½ goal – 4 to 4 ½.  Li scoring 3 of the 4 goals for the winners and the father -son team of Bolko and Conrad scoring 3 or the 4 goals for the losers.  One half goal was awarded on handicap to the Agua Alta/Samurai team.

The two remaining teams with Canadian Daniel Roenisch leading the Careyes team of Giorgio Brignone, owner of Costa Careyes, Dan Yoshii and Camilo Espinosa outscored the Mexico City team of Hugo Villalobos, Carlos Zamora, Salvador Briones and Manuel Rios – again by one-half goal – 4 ½ to 4.

A tequila divot stomp was enjoyed by all .  Tournament polo is played throughout the season.  Players from Washington, Oregon, Texas, California and all parts of Canada  and Europe have made plans to visit this beachside resort and polo complex.  Horses are provided for all level of play as well as lessons are available.  Please see www.careyes.com or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Photo for Copa de Careyes – Costa Careyes Polo Club – December 2011


Guillermo Li , Team Agua Alta Samurai, in action with teammate Jim Giebeler and in defense,
Bolko Kissling, Team Casa Sombras.


On the sidelines with Rocio Kissling, Monica Villalobos with daughter, Victoria and Anna


Giorgio Brignone, Team Careyes, and Carlos Zamora, Team Mexico City, watch for the next


All teams from left to right, Team Careyes, Joe Yoshii, Giorgio Brignone, Camilo Espinosa,

Team Mexico City, Hugo Villalobos, Manuel Rios, Salvador Briones and Carlos Zamora, team
gua Alta/Samurai, Jimmy Giebeler, Guillermo Li, Alberico Ardissone, Dan Yoshii, Team Casa
Sombras, Bolko and Conrad Kissling, Vale Aguilar and Juan Carlos Borbolla


Winning team Agua Alta/Samurai – Jimmy Giebeler, Guillermo Li , lberico Ardissone and Dan