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Commercialisation of Polo

In my opinion a well managed club can benefit with no downside to commercialising every aspect of proceedings.
From selling naming rights of the club itself right through to selling sponsored products in the club canteen and Sponsor's Representatives handing out the awards at the Finals.
Club members are part of the club for the polo not any other reason and I have not heard of an instance where sponsorships and advertisements effect the standard of horsemanship or polo. I urge clubs that are finding financial hardship to seek out sporting fundraisers to find sponsors and advertisers for them. It may mean the difference between keeping your gates open or not.
The only time I have thought twice about any sponsor being aligned with polo was when I visited the Guards Polo Club recently. I believe The Duke of Edinburgh and Her Maesty should be held above and beyond this and I felt for them having this last haven of style and elegance commercialised so competitively. Im mean some of the media they have aligned with, tsk tsk and a loud Boo to the club committee for voting to go this way. I'm sure the Duke was not present. What grounds does this committee give for subjecting Her Majesty and The Duke to this circus. It is their private polo club in the eyes of the world and this misguided committee with its own idea of self importance has insulted the club and its patronage by this blatent hawking. Of all the clubs to be spared the ravages of modern day! But no, greed raises its ugly head here too. Tsk tsk tsk..shame on the committee of Guards Polo Club. Is NOTHING sacred!
John William
Bury St Edmunds